How To Know About The Second-Hand Car From The DVLA Number?

There are several things that you are looking for in the second-hand car. These days, you go for the online portals and check the second-hand items that are listed there. In the case of the cars and the vehicles, you do not understand how the car is. The owner of the car will be telling you many things about the car, but how much they are true can be understood, only when you see the car, with your own eyes. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to check. Just get the DVLA number of the car and check online about the features of the car. Your mind must be roaming here and there and asking you the question – what can DVLA say to you? Here are all the answers that you need.


Get Through The Paper Works

One of the major things that you like to know about a car while getting a second hand especially is the paper works of that. The registration details of the car, the MOT test reports, and the date, when that has been checked, the other details of the test and the taxes that has been paid and even the next tax dating, all can be known with just a DVLA number. Make a note of the number and go to the online sites, to check the features of the car. Just provide the number there and you will be able to find the paperwork details and the next date of the tax payments, tests and all.

Know Car Specifications

Apart from the paper works, you will also like to know about the car specifications. You can make a note of them and find the same over the internet. First of all, you will get the details of the car color and the other details like the engine size and condition over the internet. Rest remains the quality and the condition of the engine. You can judge that with the papers and the tax calculation that is made for the car. Some other details are also needed for you, but that you will have to judge while making a note of the car when you finalize it.

Just Before Finalizing You Deal

Before finalizing the car, you need to take details of the car and that you can manage with the help of the DVLA number. When you put the number on the internet, some of the rare details of the car will be visible to you. So, you can well judge whether the car is worthy for you or not. If that is worthy enough, you can make an arrangement to meet the car and the car owner for finalization purpose. This is how the DVLA number is going to help you. So, take the help of that and the internet, before getting a second-hand car for yourself. You are going to get a perfect benefit out of them, and that is going to help you in making up your mind too. The car and the car owner can stay far away from you. The information will help you a lot.

List Of Top 10 DVLA Number Plates, Sold Yet

In the mainland of Britain, your car number plate really makes a difference. More than a mere identity bearer, they often work as the best luxury for many of the people out there. Here are some of the costliest number plates that have been sold out in Britain.

1. 1 0 – The tenth number that has been on the list has been sold out at 1 lakh 70 thousand pounds. The purchase was made in the year 2009, and the bidder here is an unknown or uncommon person, who bid up over thetelephone. The rarity of the nameplate is the least number available, and it is 1 O.


2. K1 NGS – The ninth name that comes in the list resembles the king. The reality of this auction is still under the shadow, but it is alleged that the Sultanate of Arab has bought this one. The number plate refers K1 NGS, which can be treated as KINGS. The auction price of it went up to 2 lakhs 31 thousand pounds and has been sold out in 1995.

3. 1 RH –This has been sold out to a businessman named Robert Harveson, and it has been referred that he paid 30 times the original value of the number plate to win the auction in 2006. The price in which he has bought the number plate is 2 lakhs 47 thousand pounds.

4. 51 NGH – Punjab’s singer cum songwriter, Jazzy B won this auction in the year 2008. He paid 2 lakhs 54 thousand pounds for the nameplate, and he did so since the number resembles the surname of the Sikhs, Singh.

5. VIP 1 – This number has been claimed in the auction by the owner of Chelsea FC. He is also a Russia Billionaire and claimed this number in 1993. It was significantly used by the Pope in 1979. He claimed this with a worth of 2 lakhs 85 thousand pounds.

6. M 1 – This is one of the oldest plates too. It has been first used in 1902 and has been the number of the first Benz car. The auction was won by a businessman, Mike Mc Coomb in the year 2006. He won the auction with 3 lakhs 31 thousand pounds.

7. 1 D – Bought in the auction in Warwick, this is one of the costliest number plates. Nabil Bishara won this for his wife, Bentley and paid 3 lakhs 52 thousand pounds for the DVLA number plate in the year 2009.

8. S 1 – The bid winner here is an unknown figure, but the number is really significant. The number is another one which has a past history in it. The number plate is of 1903 and has been bought I the year, 2008 with 4 lakhs 4 thousand pounds.

9. F 1 – Here is another costliest number plate, but here the price has been a put down from six million pounds to 4 lakhs 40 thousand pounds. Businessman, Afzal Khan, won the bid in 2008.

10. 25 O – Here is the costliest among all the number plates, whose price has been 5 lakhs 18 thousand pounds. Ferrari dealer John Collins won the bid.

All the above are the list of the top bidders and the top ten costliest name plates. Watch the number difference. You will understand why they are costly.

Planning To Review Your Tax Disc: Connect With DVLA

In the field of driving, it’s quite important for you to feel safe on theroad. Thus safety could be measured only when you pursue a driving license. Thus today many such licensing companies have been opened in the UK but probably the best suitable way for you would be the DVLA services. They have attained importance over time in the markets. Now it’s quite necessary for you to get acquainted with its vital importance. So now let’s take you through its wide range of benefits and working abilities with all sorts of tax disc too. Before that watch out what’s necessary work are been done by the DVLA! You can even make a call to the DVLA number to get your work done in a very simple manner.

Working Functionalities Of DVLA:

The main motto behind its establishment was to help the drivers and the vehicles to be well relinquished from one other by creating a different registered certificate called license. They are done in order to maintain the safety of vehicles from others in a simple manner. Basically, this is done in the Great Britain areas. Usually, a database is being maintained by the people and allows the police to help in maintaining the vehicle-related crimes occurring over the roads. Thus following such registered form of vehicles maintenance and licensing on roads will also contribute towards the environment initiative too.

Review Your Tax Disc :

Are you planning to review your tax disc? Then come to the world of DVLA licensing system today. Now the question is how they help. Taxes are levied on vehicles that are normally not registered. Thus these DVLA licensing systems register your vehicles and also about the drivers and thus saves you from tax disc.

  • Tax can be provided with all types of online or even offline modes.
  • Tax disc can even be levied today by varied methods like for a period of one year or six months that too both in a single pay.

Thus the tax disc saves your car from any type of external damages and gets your vehicles protected.

What Happens When You Sell Your Vehicles?

Usually applying a tax over your cars will never let you allow selling your vehicles to other people. But probably the DVLA will provide you with all sorts of refund policies. But in case you do not get a refund you can inform the DVLA with a detailing of the ownership of other buyers. Thus you can even keep a tally of other policies and watch out what’s there for you. Thus planning for a review for tax disc with the DVLA would help you with ease to allow the vehicles to be sold to others with ease.


Thus the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has been successful at organizing the license of various vehicles and registering them to the fullest list of legal vehicles. Thus the DVLA has been suitable for the safety of vehicles and providing people with a suitable license.